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Market prospects for the future development of a fiery sawdust pellet mill

Release time: 2016-10-29
    The economic benefit and development prospect of 2016 sawdust pellet mill! In the process of modernization, China's large number of straw are burned or discarded, not only caused serious environmental pollution, but also waste valuable renewable resource, biomass fuel sawdust pellet machine, with a high density, high calorific value, low cost, full of fuel, convenient and clean, convenient transportation and storage etc. can be used as a gasification furnace, heating furnace, agricultural greenhouse, boiler and power at the same time as the fuel, biogas production, fertilizer, feed and high density board and other raw materials, is widely used.
    However, China's biomass energy utilization industry started late, development of sawdust pellet mill is in recent years. Some users in the process of investment will also worry about the economic benefits of biomass fuels. We introduce the development prospect of some sawdust pellet mill processing, how biomass fuel economic benefits?
In the international market, the use of research and sawdust pellet mill much earlier. Today, biomass curing molding fuel in Japan, the European Union, the United States and other countries and regions have been commercialized, very popular and convenient, can buy in the supermarket. But in our country market, it is a new type of product. We took the corn straw as an example, explain the sawdust pellet machine of biomass fuel economy.
    Taking corn straw as an example: the calorific value is about 0.8-0.9 times of coal, that is, the 1.1t corn straw briquette is equivalent to 1t coal. If the corn straw briquette fuel is burning in the lower combustion biomass combustion boiler, the combustion efficiency is 1.3-1.5 times of the coal burning boiler. Therefore, the heat utilization rate of 1t corn straw briquette fuel is equal to the heat utilization rate of 1t high quality coal, and even higher.

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