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How to operate the biomass pellet machine in autumn season

Release time: 2016-10-29
    In autumn, the weather will be more cool, because the same day and night in the fall, many people also pay attention to at this time to restore health. So, there is no need to pay attention to the biomass pellet machine, how to operate the biomass pellet machine reasonably? Below, Zhengzhou Mao Xiang machinery small make up for you to do a simple introduction:
    1, biomass pellet machine long-term operation, should be fixed on the cement base. If the constantly changing work place, biomass and the motor is to be installed in made with angle iron frame, if biomass diesel powered, should make their power, the power of the diesel engine, which is slightly larger than the power mill, and the same between the two pulley groove, pulley outer end in the same plane.
    2, biomass pellet machine after the installation to check the fastening of the various fasteners, if there is a need to be tightened to loosen.
    3, to check whether the belt tightness of fit, the motor shaft and wood pellet shaft is parallel.
    4, biomass before starting the first hand the rotation of the rotor, check the tooth claw hammer, and the rotor is flexible and reliable, in the case of collision free phenomenon, the rotor rotation to the direction of the machine and whether the arrow, lubrication motor and wood pellet machine is good.
    5, do not change the belt pulley, in case of high speed to prevent the explosion of the crushing chamber, or speed is too low to affect the efficiency of the work.
    6, starting after the first crushing idling for 2 to 3 minutes, and then feeding work no abnormal phenomenon.
    7, the work should always pay attention to the operation of the biomass pellet machine, feeding should be uniform, in order to prevent blocking the stuffy car, not long time overload operation. If it is found that vibration, noise, bearing and the body temperature is too high, outward spray and other phenomena, should immediately stop the inspection, troubleshooting before continuing to work.
    8, crushing the material should be carefully checked, so as to avoid copper, iron, stones and other hard objects into the crushing room caused by the accident.
    9, the operator should not wear gloves, feeding should be standing on the side of the biomass pellet machine, in case of rebound debris injured face.

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